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Furneux Consulting Limited

About us

Furneux Consulting is a specialist consultancy bringing ‘the experience of winners’ to all of its clients.

Our principal, Dr Stephen Bratt, has twenty years’ experience in business improvement, in companies including Beecham Pharmaceuticals, ICI, GlaxoSmithKline and AstraZeneca.

Over the last ten years his consultancy experience has been invaluable to clients in a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, engineering design, railway operations, heavy engineering, media, sales, consulting, drug analysis, training, bid and franchise evaluation, utilities, telecommunications, IT, and project management.

His expertise is equally valued in the public and voluntary sectors, where he has worked in central and local government, fire and rescue, police forces, regional development, tax, defence, procurement, highways, supply chain development, physical rehabilitation, social housing, and universities.

He has run seminars and training on business improvement, excellence, performance measurement and management on four continents, in locations including Tanzania, Switzerland, Canada, Sweden, Abu Dhabi, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, Sharjah, Belgium, USA, Spain and Dubai, and delivers excellence programmes every year for the British Quality Foundation, and the Dubai Quality Award.

Our view of consultancy is to listen, conduct a considered, in depth analysis, and suggest a range of potential options. We do not approach challenges with a fixed view of the solution, or the latest management fad. Some of the methods we use are well known. But we know that success comes from disciplined application of well-thought-out, proven solutions.

What makes us different? Well, we don’t do fancy management models with arrows and boxes and buzzwords. Instead, we review what our clients do, we research widely in the business (and incidentally a lot of other) literature, and generate insights that enable our clients to take that one step ahead of their competitors. Our learning might come from an internationally-acclaimed, successful FTSE 100 leader. Equally, it might come from a scientific institute studying the genome, or the latest thinking in theology or astrophysics. We have, for example, given a lot of thought to the theories of uncertainty, responsiveness and agility, behind the design of the latest military aircraft, and how they might apply to business.

Contact us today. You can be different. You can be better.

If you are interested in building a better business, Furneux Consulting is worth a call. We are completely committed to your success. We deliver, whether you need: -

Like the logo says, it’s consulting outside the usual box.

To contact us

Tel: +44 1279 771927 or +44 7766 235446