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March 2010

Total Place – the Future of the UK Public Sector

March 2010 sees the completion of a major pilot project, sponsored by Her Majesty’s Treasury (HMT) and Communities and Local Government (CLG) focusing on changing the way central government and locally run public sector organisations work together. BQC Consultants have played a unique role in providing management and advisory support to two of the 13 pilots, Bradford and Kent. These pilots have, for the first time, considered the whole of the public sector spend in a “total place” and have brought service providers and users together to co-design services that are effective, efficient, value for money and most important deliver what the service user needs. Team Consultants, Britanniacorp, AS&A along with an associate company Mari Davis Consulting have all taken a major role in making the Bradford and Kent pilots two of the most significant inputs to the March 2010 Budget Report , exciting interest from Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet members as well as senior civil servants.

Details of this work can be provided by contacting us

November 2009

Careers South West Continue BQC Network’s Client Winning Record

Careers South West Ltd demonstrated their excellence by picking up the two achievement awards in the 2009 UK Excellence Awards. After picking up the Achievement Award for Leadership and the Achievement award for Customer Satisfaction, Jenny Rudge, CEO Careers South West, was clear about the important role BQC Consultants Geoff Norris, Mike Parry and Steve Bratt played in helping the development of her and her team into an excellent and highly successful organisation. She complimented the BQC team on their patience, insight and sense of humour as well as their willingness to be honest and not pull their punches. Mike Parry said

“Working with Jenny and the whole Careers South West team is a pleasure. They are one of those rare organisations who truly have their values running through every part of their business. They want to learn and are never satisfied with standing still”

Congratulations to all at Careers South West for their fabulous achievement.

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