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About us

Tony Wildman is an experienced executive with 30 years of managing internationally in sales, marketing and operations with expertise in performance management and organisational improvement. He has a proven track record in helping organisations, large and small, public and private, to objectively assess how they operate, prioritise what will most improve their efficiency and effectiveness (leading to cost reduction) and then deliver the required changes.

In 2003 Tony established his own company, now Phoenix Consulting (AoE) Ltd,  as a principal and founding member of the “ BQC network”, to deliver these services to a number of clients, including TNT Express; Rolls-Royce; Renault; William Grants; Constructionskills; Bedford College and recently Dubai Properties.  He has worked with clients throughout Central and Eastern Europe, S. Africa and the Middle East.

What we offer

Tony has the “experience of winners” in helping organisations get the most from using the Business Excellence Model, both as a personal practitioner with Texas Instruments (European Award winner) and with a vast number of other clients, many of whom have succeeded as Regional, National and European Award Winners and Finalists.

Tony’s vast experience helps the client’s BE manager to develop the right roadmap of internal use and external recognition for the Business Excellence Programme (including C2E, R4E and the Award submission themselves). He specialises in establishing management commitment to the use of the Business Excellence Model, delivering tailored training, facilitating self assessments to measure progress and prioritising findings into action plans to close the key excellence gaps.

He works with the organisation to prepare and write C2E, R4E and Award submissions and supports those to be interviewed to ‘be the best they can be’ during the Assessors site visit.  He analyses the Assessor feedback to help build the improvement plan. His style is to build a very close working relationship with the BE manager so that he can take benefit from Tony’s experience but soon “fly solo” using proven techniques

For organisations not yet ready to embrace the Business Excellence Model, Tony draws on best practices, on which the Model is predicated, to support organisations achieve their objectives. These include; but are not limited to;

To contact us

Tel: + 44 (0) 7836 502824 or + 44 (0) 1234 210994