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Phoenix Consulting (AoE) Ltd Testimonial

Dear Tony

I am writing  to express my deepest thanks for your major and significant contribution to winning the European Quality Award.

You have worked with our organisation for five years and in that time you have demonstrated dedication, professionalism and thoroughness in your approach. You were always well prepared, organised and had the ability to focus on the critical points.

The journey to the EQA has not always been smooth and there have been many long, exhausting hours, a lot of pressure and tight deadlines. I am not the easiest of people to work with but you got on with the job, often in spite of my pernickety and critical nature. You not only coped with tough times, you did it with good humour and a wonderful positive attitude. I don’t know many men who could take on the task and yet make it an enjoyable experience for me and many others in our organisation.

You and I know how difficult it is to climb to a world class quality standard and it is a fantastic achievement which we would never have attained without your help and guidance.

There are only a few people in your life who make a significant and long lasting impression. Your are one of those people and I feel that you are not only a close colleague but also someone who I will consider a friend for life.

I wish you every success in your business and if there is any help I can provide, please do not hesitate to call me.

Tony, many thanks once you again for everything. This letter is a personal thanks to you, but I know if reflects the views of many others in our organisation who have worked with you.

With kindest regards

Dennis Beard

ICS Director – Services and Infrastructure TNT