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Robert Hardy Consulting Ltd

About us

Public services are at a crossroads. Resources will be more restricted than for a generation.

Highly-successful individual organisations are no longer enough by themselves to improve services and reduce costs. This is the time for organisations to move beyond partnership into more deep-rooted collaboration, both with those they serve and those they work with in other sectors. This will challenge the culture and values of organisations and many of the professions that work within them.

The relationship between public services, those who rely on them and those who pay for them is also changing fast and the active involvement of citizens in the design and delivery of services has never been more important. This too poses huge challenges to organizational culture and structure.

Embracing these two challenges is the key to transforming public services and reducing costs
Robert Hardy Consulting Ltd specialises in:

Robert Hardy is a new member of the BQC Network, having recently left Kent County Council. He has held senior management roles in local government for over 20 years, ranging from urban regeneration to social care, from corporate performance to community development.

Robert has an established track record in promoting innovation, improving organisational performance, involving residents and service users, using partnership to drive change and, in all of this, working with senior managers and politicians to challenge ‘the way we do things round here’.

He is a strategic thinker but grounded in the practical experience of service delivery: from LAA to CAA; from engagement to empowerment and from sustainable community strategies to Total Place, Robert will work with you, your partners and your residents to meet the coming challenges.

To contact us

Tel: +44 0778 691 4438 or +44 ( 0) 1622 759192 (office)